He fell short by 7

Monday 2nd November 2009 was the day when the little master blaster was all set to achieve yet another milestone. But the lady luck did not smile on him.
Milestones are no longer milestones for the little Indian who have achieved beyond heights in his line of business. He fits as a perfect example to the saying-sky is the limit.
Records are often made to be broken but this man has quite a few such feathers in his cap that cannot be achieved so easily. Currently he holds a record of maximum runs in ODI’s i.e. 16993. He is just short of another milestone, having already amassed 44 ODI hundreds, 91 fifties, and much more. The almighty god better knows how much more he has kept in store for the little maestro.
In 1989 when this man was on his way to make a debut in test cricket, he was shown a milk bottle by the Pakistanis because of the fact that he was a teenager of just 16. he was about to face the fury of the likes Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and speedster Waqar Younus. In this very match, he was hit on face by a lightning fast delivery of Waquar Yonus. He continued to play in a blood soaked shirt and some how managed to score 15 runs.
At that age of 17, he made his first century in test cricket. It would be a little unfair for one to forget about that 100 which he made at a lightening fast pitch of WACA. He was just 19 at this time. By the time he was 25 years of age, the total number of hundreds reached 50 including test and ODIs.
What made Sachin reach heights was his cool composed attitude unlike the Aussies and Pakistanis. He was humble in his accomplishment. Whenever the bowlers challenged him he let his bat talk rather than tongue.
More to that he is a son of the soil in which hero worship is at peak. In 1999 world cup one of among the fans was holding a banner which read “Cricket is our religion and Sachin is our God”. This itself goes to show how much love people have for this young legend. It is also believed that Sachin is one among the most worshiped cricketers in the world.


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