Amulets – Do they make a difference

“Say: ‘have you seen that which you call upon besides Allah? If Allah wanted some harm for me, could they remove His harm, or of He (Allah) wanted some mercy for me, could they withhold His Mercy?” (39:38)

This verse of holy Quran gives us a clear message that the will of ALLAH reigns supreme. Verily this is the true essence of tauheed. Then why does a believer believes that anything other than ALLAH can affect ones life?

The prophet Muhammed pbuh life was always guided by the divine power of Allah SWT regarding what is shirk and what is tauheed. He did not leave even a single stone unturned from stopping the people embracing shrik and made effort to guide them to the bliss of tauheed.

The chapter of shirk runs into many subtopics. It deal with associating partners with almighty, not believing that Muhammed PBUH is His last messenger, slaughtering an animal for other than Allah SWT, worshipping graves, wearing talismans and amulets. Here in this write up I have made an attempt to put forward what the true rulings regarding talismans and amulets are.

Talismans or amulets are nothing but a kind of thick thread worn generally in neck, wrist or ankles. These are generally worn for fulfillment of some wish or to prevent from something that harms.

Prophet said “He who wears an amulet commits Shirk.” (Ahmad, 4/156). He (peace be upon him) further said “Verily, incantations, amulets and Tiwalah are Shirk.” (Abu Dawood, No.3883). Through these traditions we can easily understand that talismans and amulets are nothing but shirk. The traditions are clear. They do not require any high level of understanding. But the most surprising thing that we notice is in spite of all the traditions being so clear still a larger number of Muslims are deeply engrossed into these act of shirk.

Some people say “I hang talismans but I do not envision any of these meanings. I hang it in the car for beauty, or in the house for decoration.” The answer is, it is completely against the ruling of Islam because there is no instance of this from the life of prophet and his companions. Absolutely against the sunnah of prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.s).

The traditions mentioned above clearly state that talismans are shirk. But prophet cursed those who wore talismans He (peace be upon him) said “Who ever hangs a talisman, may Allah SWT not fulfill (his objective) for him” At other instance Imran bin Husayn narrated that the prophet (peace be upon him) saw a man with a brass ring on his hand and he asked him, what is that? The man replied, “It is to protect from Al-Waahinah”. The prophet said “remove it, for verily it will not increase you except in weakness, and verily if you died with it on you, you would never be successful”.

Some scholars have difference of opinion regarding the legality of wearing amulets containing Qur’anic verses. The correct verdict is that they are unlawful, for two reasons:
1. The general prohibition of wearing any kind of amulets according to the Prophetic traditions whether they contain Qur’anic verses or not.
2. Leaving no room for Shirk, for if the amulets containing Qur’anic verses were allowed then they may be confused with other amulets. That will keep the door open to Shirk, and all kinds of amulets would be worn on that ground. It is known that closing the door to things that lead to Shirk and evil deeds is one of the greatest objectives in Islamic jurisprudence. It is Allah alone who grants success. These reasons were given by Shaikh Bin Baaz (former grand mufti of Saudi Arabia).

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13 thoughts on “Amulets – Do they make a difference

  1. Dear Mr. Shoeb Sheikh
    The TAWEEZ are very much effective ans do not mount to shirk at all. First of all what is TAWEEZ? the TAWEEZ is a collection of Quranic aayah for a specific purpose. According to you “If Allah wanted some harm for me, could they remove His harm, or of He (Allah) wanted some mercy for me, could they withhold His Mercy?”. Then do you believe in dua? if something is fixed for you it has to happen……no matter whether you do any dua or not? But you pray for mercy of Allah……you always expect good things from HIM…..isn’t it? it’s because ALLAH is merciful and HE can change HIS decision on your successive pledges.
    Now whether TAWEEZ amount to shirk? Shirk is to expect something from anyone other than ALLAH. TAWEEZ is a way to ask for the mercy of ” ONLY ALMIGHTY ALLAH ” (plz note the words in quotes). you must be knowing the even seeing Quranic verses is an act of thawab. so keeping the quranic verses with you will definitely help you not harm you. you must be knowing the shane nuzool of surah FALAQ and surah NAAS. we must take these examples directly from Quran and should not weigh our arguments simply because some grand mufti of Saudi Arabia told trhis. ALLAH bhi farmata hai…” TALABUL ILMA FARIZATUN LE KULLE MUSLIMA WA MUSLEMATUN”. i THINK IT CLEARS YOUR DOUBTS. if you need some explaination…………..i will be happy to help.

    1. Dear Suhail Bhai
      I do agree that Taweez is nothing but the collection of quraanic aayah, to refute to this point i would like to say that the revelation of quran was for a very wider purpose, It was to cleanse the heart and souls of humans. It is called as Zabita e Hayaat. By putting quranic verses in taweez we are suppressing the purpose of the divine revelation. secondly i said shirk because prophet PBUH himself said “He who wears an amulet commits Shirk.” (Ahmad, 4/156) and He (peace be upon him) further said “Verily, incantations, amulets and Tiwalah are Shirk.” (Abu Dawood, No.3883) these two Hadith made me understand that it is shirk.
      I think seeing the quranic verses is Thwaab is again a debatable thing. If you have any proof to prove it then please do send.



      1. I fully ageee with the answer of Mr Shoaib to Mr Suhail Khan.

        We should follow the Quran and Hadith ( Authentic hadith onlt) togather to be a good Muslim.

  2. Dear All,
    Salam alaikum

    May be my word is going to hurt you all, but what I m telling please think over it.

    This is a small thing that we people are wearing TAWEEZ. I would like to tell you all that TAWEEZ having only aayats of Quraan, so I think it is not bad to wear TAWEEZ as its contents are totally messages of Allah (SWT), and all the aayaats and Duwas having different different reactions, which could safe you from other harms, Small example Ayat – al – Kursi. Why you read this Ayat when you are alone or when you want safety of your home and belongings. The same way people wear TAWEEZ for their safety.

    And you could not avoid that there is Magic since the period of paighambars, u know Jadugar Saamri, this story itself there in Quraan, go and read. And my suggestions to u all please read quraan with its meaning, don’t just make it your daily routine, try to understand what Allah (SWT) telling us, Arabic is not our language which we use in our daily speaking, so you should understand what is the message of allah and not just reciting the Quraan. And you can understand only when you read quraan in your own understandable language, I mean recite Quraan as well as read its translation also.

    Now come to the point of Shirk.Correct, expecting from other than Allah (SWT) is shirk. But can anybody tell me do u have such a power to reach directly to Allah(SWT).Example in your daily life . suppose you want to meet Prime Minister, you can’t meet him, first you have to take the appointment from his assistant then only you can be able to reach him, in the same way you can’t directly reach to Allah (SWT), if you want to make him happy, first make happy to his Prophet PBUH and Aale Muhammad, ask your duas by giving WAASTA of Rasool,his family,His daughter Fatima, His grandson Hussain, etc.Then only you can be able to reach to Allah (SWT).You should know that if Rasool and his daughter,his grandson Hussain(AS) is happy then only allah is happy.Or else your all Namaaz,all duas, all aamaal-e-khair is worst if you dont have love and affection with Rasool and his family.

    Think over it.

    Salaam again to u all.

    1. Brother Syed & Suhail Ahmad Khan,
      I request you humbly to do a research on your own and please please ask a learned person who is a expert in Quran and Sunnah about wearing Amulets.

      As for your reply on the post Amulets, Allah swt orders me to say “Salam”.

      See the below verse.
      The Holy Quran
      Surat Al-Furqān (The Criterian)
      Chapter 25 Verse 63.

      And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [Salam] peace,

      Tafsir al-Jalalayn
      And the [true] servants of the Compassionate One (‘ibādu’l-rahmāni is the subject, and what comes after it, all the way up to ūlā’ika yujzawna, ‘they will be rewarded’ [of verse 75 below] are adjectival qualifiers of this [subject], with the exception of the parenthetical statements) are those who walk upon the earth modestly, that is, peacefully and humbly, and who, when the ignorant address them, with what they are averse to, say [words of] peace (salām), in other words, words by which they are safe (yaslamūna) from [committing] any sin;

    2. Assalamualaikum brother,

      Could you please justify your view regarding wearing amulets with the reference of the Quran and Hadeeth.

      I personally think. If the Prophet PBUH or the sahaba did not perform these acts then niether are we permitted to follow such activities.

      I personally would rather make dua to Allah SWT and try my best to perform the 5 pillars of Islam than wearing an amulet. The reason being as mentioned by our brothers that we wear amulets which contain surahs of the Quran and there are high possibilities that we would ignorantly wear this to the Toilets and bathrooms. I think the Quran deserves a lot more respect than this. I would say rather than wearing amulets wouldnt it be much better reading such aayah and recitation of the Quran on a daily basis if we are so keen on seeking the refuge of Allah.

      Anything that is not mentioned in the Quran and the Hadeeth, and not performed or suggested by the beloved Prophet PBUH is automatically disqualified out of the ruling.

      Regarding an appoint to the PM. We must not forget that the PM is a human and an appointment is possible with him in geneuin cases. With Allah SWT you dont need an appointment. He listen to all he acts justly to everyone. If he is pleased with your deeds he shall reward you. The best way to communicate with Allah SWT is to offer salah and make dua. One does not need an better way of communicating with Allah SWT other than this.

      Why rather have arguments on such issues than rather follow the five pillars of islam. Life is short and it is about time we all do our preparations in filling our bags of good deeds.

      Nothing shall protect us from the wrath of Allah SWT if we are proved wrong. If in doubt seek Allahs SWT refuge and allow him to guide you.

      May Allah bring peace and blessing on of us.

      If I have hurt some brothers feeling I would like to appologise but just think what would Allah say to us on the day of Quyamah.

  3. Brother Yas,

    by Allah, i dont think you need to apologise to anyone on communicating Haq. As Humans we need to understand our purpose to life and existance.

    I think, we all need to just keep doing the job in preacihing the right message and these inhibitions keep following, which are not new. Ultimately the hidaya is only from Allah and we just do a role play in giving out the message as part of our duties towards our fellow humans.

    Lastly, ibn-taymiya said.
    This whole religion revolves around knowing the truth and acting by it, and action must be accompanied by patience. (Majmoo-ul-Fataawaa, 10/38)

    Guidance is not attained except with knowledge and correct direction is not attained except with patience. (Majmoo-ul-Fataawaa, 10/40)

    May Allah guide us all to the righteous.

  4. As Salaamu Alaikum.

    Brothers and Sisters,

    First of all, Understanding is the Key to Success. Please try to understand the subject and Insha Allah, we need not spend so much time writing about and refuting the comments of others.

    Here is some explanation on this subject:-

    The Hadeeth of Abu Dawood (3883) is the narration and explanation for Hadeeth by Ahmed. (4/156). Meaning, the practice of Mushrikeen (during the advent of Islam) such as saying or writing incantations, tiwalah and inviting spirits for help/aid etc. and wearing these writings in the form of amulets is certainly Haram. This does not necessarily mean wearing a Tawiz containing the names/attributes of Allah Subhaanawataala amounts to shirk. Most of the Tawiz which are misconstrued as Amulets contain Dua Ganj-ul Arsh. These Duas were given to us by our piour anscestors who got them from their pious ancestors and who in turn got them from the Sahaba and who in turn got them from the Prophet (PBUH) himself! Saying and reciting a dua is sunnah. If a person is unable to read or recite a dua, he is keeping it on his person in the form of Tawiz. I dont see any harm in that. On the other hand misquoting and misinterpreting the Hadeeth is a great sin and Allah knows best.

    The Ahadeeth referred to above point to incantations and satanic verses practiced by the mushrikeen prior to the advent of Islam. These Amulets did not contain a single word of Quran and certainly these amulets are haraam.

    Besides, in most of the letters posted above, I have noticed words such as “I think”, “debatable thing”, “correct verdict’ etc. All these point to one thing, that is, the writer wants to stress his point and wants everyone to believe what he says. This is a kind of imposition and is wrong.

    Let us see what is meant by an amulet? An amulet is a kind of jewellery which is suposed to protect the wearer from evil spirits or insinuations. let us ponder little deep into the subject. Is the jewellery (made of some metal or bone or cloth or whatever material) itself is important or the writings or incantations contained in it? Everyone will agree that it is the writings which make it important. So, let us leave the amulet or the jewellery and concentrate on the writings or incantations. if the incantations or writings invoke anything other than Allah, certainly it is Haraam. However, if the Amulet (better known in Urdu language as Tawiz contains certain Quranic verses and Duas, this is something good and shall not be construed as Haraam.

    So, all that matters is understanding the concept and implications. Blind faith will not serve the purpose.

    Learn to love. Love alone can resurrect that which is dead (in us). Service to humanity is service to the Creator Himself. Before man, beyond man, transformation.


    Farook Shakir

  5. Farook Shakir is all determined to go to hell if died in this state. May Allah guide him to truth and salvation (Ameen) Other brothers, my advice (naseeha) to all of you is Sheitan is described as Aduvvum mubeen in Holy Quran. Treat him like that. Stone him away from your path, if you can’t do that, run yourself away …far from him.


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