“Remember ME, I shall remember you”

Remember me, I shall remember you” (Al-Baqarah 2:152) is the verse stated in the holy Quran by the creator. Remembrance of ALLAH SWT is ZIKR. My last two write-ups focused on the role played by the tongue in porousing in an individual’s account of good deeds thus leading him to an undesired destination i.e. Hell. https://nlightmentz.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/watch-your-talk/ , https://nlightmentz.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/feasting-on-dead-brother%E2%80%99s-flesh/. In this write-up I will rather throw light on the merits of engaging tongue in appeasing ALLAH and its benefits in the hereafter.

Zikr is largely done by tongue. It is considered as an easiest form of worship. Abdullah bin Busr said that a man asked the Prophet PBUH: “O Messenger of ALLAH SWT! Verily, the sanctions of Islam have become too heavy for me, so tell me something that I can easily follow, The Prophet PBUH replied “Let your tongue always be moist with the remembrance of ALLAH”. [Al-Tirmizi].

Remembrance of ALLAH SWT is the plinth of all good deeds. It is the best and the purest form of Ibadah (worship) in the sight of ALLAH SWT. The prophet often used to tell his companions, “Shall I tell you about the best of deeds, the most pure in the sight of your Lord, about the one that is of the highest order and is far better for you than spending gold and silver, even better for you than meeting your enemies in the battlefield where you strike at their necks and they at yours?” The Companions replied, “Yes, O Messenger of ALLAH!” The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Remembrance of ALLAH.” [Al-Tirmizi]

We consume food to gain physical fitness and strength which enables us to perform our day to day activities similarly Zikr acts as food to our souls. It strengthens our faith in the oness of our Lord, helps us combat Satan’s traps and increases us in piety.

The word zikr has a very wide meaning. It can be recitation of Quran, proclaiming tauheed (oneness of ALLAH), offering salah, observing fast, payment of Zakat, performing Hajj, learning and teaching of Islam, praising ALLAH SWT, pondering over ALLAH’s creation.

Zikr strengthens the heart and the soul. It nurtures the love of ALLAH SWT in the heart of a believer and drives him to His worship alone. Source for peace and tranquility. Helps to achieve sanctity in one’s life inspite of all troubles. Lightens the burden, banishes fear and anxiety from the heart and keeps an individual away from hypocrisy.

According to a Hadith of Prophet Muhammed PBUH, blessed person is the one who has the following:
• A tongue always absorbed in Zikr or remembrance of ALLAH SWT
• A heart filled with gratitude of ALLAH.
• A body capable of undergoing hardships
• A wife who does not betray her husband’s trust in repect of her chastity and his wealth.

On the Day of Judgment ALLAH will bestow the shade of the Arsh (Throne), to seven, when there will be no shade but the shade of the Arsh. One among the seven is a person who praises (remembers) ALLAH in seclusion (privacy) and his eyes are then flooded with tears. A person who does not remember ALLAH is compared with a dead as said by Prophet PBUH “He who remembers his Lord and he who does not remember his Lord, are like the living and the Dead.” [Bukhari]

Salaf Predesessors have classified Zikr into three types

1. Zikr-e-faily or pratical Zikr. It comprises of all practical deeds, For eg Offering Salat, paying zakat, observing fasts, performing hajj and various other practical sunan of Prophet PBUH.
2. Zikr-e-lisani or or verbal Zikr. This is done by tongue eg. Of this type are reciting quran and various other supplications mentioned in the sunnah.
3. Zikr-e-qalbi or silent zikr. The best eg of this form of zikr is pondering over the creation of ALLAH SWT and bowing down in gratitude

As i started the article by the beautiful verse of Quran let me end with another verse of the same book, ALLAH SWT says “And remember your lord by your tongue and within yourself, humbly an in awe, without loudness, by words in the morning and in the afternoon, and be not among those who are neglectful” [ Al-Aaraf 7:205]


8 thoughts on ““Remember ME, I shall remember you”

  1. Good work Umri Saheb. Nice article. I personally feel that the easiest way to remembering ASWT is to keep doing zikr. Throughout the day one has numerous opportunities to keep doing Dhikr, while sittle idle, while at work or driving etc. All one has to do is to glorify ASWT in whatever format he/she could and I am sure it would be rewarded.

  2. As salam alykum,

    Its a great and vey use full artical.And after reading this artiwe feel that” hum kahan hai or kiya kar hai”.

  3. dear maulana
    my knowldge is very little in front of ur study n practice but as you know sending an email may not be sufficient to ummat it requires Practicals.I heard there is mushk of ZIKRUAALAH that meet people , explain them the FAZAYEEL , refresh there quality of iman through practicals , pray (DUA) n when you are al alone think of baunties of the almighy ask yourself what my allah is expecting from myself at this juncture.Then its zikra will be benificail to him.
    how many of us really sit on the net & read the mail seriously .there may be very few.
    infact i have seen people they get the mails co they will just go through as it is.
    thts why i feel it wont give the impact the it is supposed to give.
    it is power of iman will help us to go in deep & get the max benifit & not the power of ILMA.
    after all u know better than us as you studied.

  4. Whosoever mentions Allah in comments please use CAPS “A” and not “a” .In English “God” and “god” does not have the same meaning.(reference old holy books and tradition and now u can find in Dr.Zakir Naiks talks).No english Quran contains allah but contains “ALLAH”.Please follow this.Just little carefullness in his Majesty will earn u reward.InshaAllah. Now Ibraheem Alaisalam said to PRophet Muhammed sallahualihiwasallam that tell your ummah that The soil of paraidise is white and smells in” MISK” and trees of jannath is “SuhanaALLAHi WalhamduLilllAhi Wa\LAilaha ILLAhu WALLAHU AKBAR” (sahih hadith dont know the reerence). A tree in jannath whose shade is so long that a man travels for hundred years.Just by saying u can earn a tree dont waste time in bustops,or wherever ur waiting use lip service which wont even take much effort.JazakAllahu qir.IF i had a mistake furive us all and may Allh forgive us all

    1. As salaam

      Dear Brother Sadiq
      Thank you for your worthy comment. Inshallah hence forth we would try to use caps for ALLAH SWT. I request all the readers to circulate these bits of info to people in your contacts.


  5. Assamulaikum,

    Very beneficial article indeed since this in line with the understanding of our salaf. Based on the practice of our salaf and their instructions i would like to point out one mistake with regards to dua written in short abbreviations like PBUH, RA etc that they would use arabic phrases and in the worst case allow us to use translitration of Arabic phrases. Jazakallahu khair.

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