Jews = Dajjal?

Before commencing this write-up I was in a state of confusion. The recent bombardment of flotilla loaded with humanitarian aid by the Isreali soldiers, that which was headed to Palestine (land of Prophets) left us shocked and aggrieved. Indeed inhuman and ruthless. The incident should not surprise us as Jews are know for this kind of terrorism. This very fact inspired me to throw some light on the dark history of Jews, filled with treachery and deciet. Flipping through pages of various books, study materials, browsing through various websites it is manifested that Dajjal (the dark Messiah) will be of Jewish origin.

Dajjal will emerge from a place between Syria and Iraq, his emergance will be known when he is in Isfahaan at a place called Judea (Yahudea). Before the advent of Dajjal, a system shall appear, the Dajjal system. This system shall promote immoral and indecent practices like homosexuality, adultery, fornication, fitnah of pen (Pornography, explicit writings etc), increased alcohol consumption. The Dajjal system will be the most evil and most corrupt system in the history ever. In a Hadith narrated by Imran ibn Hussain RA, the Prophet PBUH said, ‘Since the birth of Adam till the advent of (Judgement Day) there is no fitnah (tribulation) much greater than that of Dajjal’.

Now the fact that all the practices of Dajjal system are evident let us dig deeper to unearth more information about Dajjal (Anti-Christ). According to the traditions of Prophet PBUH Ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates from the Last Prophet PBUH regarding Dajjal’s physical appearance, ‘…red complexioned, fat, curly haired man, blind in the right eye which looks like a bulging grape.’(Sahih Bukhari). On another ocassion Prophet said ‘Dajjal will be blind in the right eye. He will have thick hair on his body and he will also have Paradise and Hell with him. Though his Paradise will appear as Jannah (heaven), in reality it will be Hell, and likewise, though his Hell will appear like Jahannnam (hell), in reality it will be Paradise.’ (Sahih Muslim). He would try to mislead people to his worship. The controverts will be thrown into his hell and harmonisers shall enter his paradise. He will posses supernatural powers in him. He will travel by a gigantic mule at a lightning speed. He will be empowered to cause drought and famine upon those who disapprove. Furthermore he will have divine ability to cause frequent earthquakes.

According to the many Ahaadith describing Dajjal, the most distinguishing feature of his face besides the bulging eye will be the Arabic letters Kaaf (k), Faa (f), Raa (r), on his forehead. These letters spell Kufr (disbelief). All believers, regardless of their literacy will decipher these letters.

Dajjal would try to convince people that he is their God. He would not leave even a single stone unturned in deviating people from right path. He would do so by killing a person and then re-creating the same again. These actions would be more than sufficient to incite people to deviate from mainstream.

The Jew community will ascertain Dajjal as their ‘Messiah’. Hence they are anxiously awaiting for his emergence. Scriptures mention that most of the Jews would follow him. Women are a soft target for him. We infer that Jews will never cease to inflict atrocities (specially upon Muslims) since their very essence is based on the falsehood and their future is associated with Dajjal. Narrated by Anas Ibn Malik (RadiAllahuanhu) ALLAH’s apostle PBUH said, The Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls. [Sahih Muslim #7034].

Although our prophet had explicitly outlined Dajjal’s characterisistics, he was not certain that his ummah had understood completely. Why wouldnt he be afraid as the Fitnah or the trial that is so grave that one cannot imagine it. Narrated by Ubadah Ibn as-Samit (radiAllahu anhu) that The Prophet PBUH said, “I have told you so much about the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) that I am afraid you may not understand. The Anti-Christ is short, hen-toed, woolly-haired, one-eyed, an eye-sightless, and neither protruding nor deep-seated. If you are confused about him, know that your Lord is not one-eyed.” [Sunan of Abu-Dawud #4306]


24 thoughts on “Jews = Dajjal?

  1. Dear Brother Shoaib Saheb,

    Very important issue u have stated, it really looks like the time, explained in Hadiths (Sharif).

    And I have seedn a clip in (youtube) site which shows a baby born in Israile which has one eye and very bad looking. Who nows if this is Dajjal?

    Any way May Allah reward u Paradise (Jannah) for your great work, and Hassanah to all muslims.

    Best Regards,

  2. Dear brother Shoaib,

    When all nations were rejecting their presence it was the muslims in Palestine who gave place to the Jews by welcoming them to live amongst them in peace and harmony because of the inborn qualities of hospitality and probably the duaa’s that RAWS made when the Ansar welcomed him and his companions with open arms. But instead of showing gratitude for this goodness the Palestinians extended to the Jews they have evicted the muslim brethren causing immense hardships and grief. Allah SWT is all seeing and all knowing. We hope and pray that Allah SWT protect us from the wide net of the Dajjal system which is imminent.

  3. Salaam brother Shoaib,
    We dont have any proof to say that dajjal will be of Jewish origin. Allah’s messenger (SAWS) was sent as rahmtullilalamin and he taught us sila rahmi which means doing good to someone who has been bad to us. So why spread hatred abt jews even if they are bad to us? we just say tawakkatualAllah and hasbunAllah wa naimal wakil.
    For the sake of information about dajjal, the article is good but please dont point fingers at anybody without proof.

    1. Narrated by Anas Ibn Malik (RadiAllahuanhu) ALLAH’s apostle PBUH said, The Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls. [Sahih Muslim #7034]. the very fact that 70000 jews following him points that he might be of Jewish origin or if not origin but still so many will follow him. This kind of followers is not pointed towards any other community like Christians or Muslims or any other community..
      Allah knows best..

    2. Dear Brother Riyaz,
      Assalamu alaikum

      The anti-christ will be a jew. There is a hadith in saheeh muslim which proves that he will be a jew. But before reading the hadith some pretext is necessary.
      There was a man named Ibn Said, during the days of Prophet Muhammad SAW , who was doubted to be the dajjal. And he had some qualities which made the people uncertain about his actual identity.
      Well, in the hadith, Abu Saeed Al Khudri RA meets him. Ibn Said asks Abu Saeed RA: “O Companions of Muhamad, what is the matter between me and you all?. (He meant to ask the reason why the companions doubt on him to be dajjal?).
      DID THE MESSENGER (SAW) NOT SAY THAT HE (DAJJAL) WILL BE A JEW? Whereas I have become muslim. Did he (the prophet) not say that he (dajjal) will have no children? Where as I have kids. And he (the prophet) has said that Allah has made makkah haraam on him. Whereas I have perfomed hajj…..
      [Saheeh Muslim: Book Of tribulations, Hadith 2927].

      Hope this hadith is enough for any literate person to know that dajjal will be a jew.
      Anyway, i feel very bad to see a muslim brother not having hatred towards a community whom Allah himself hates.


  4. salaam brother Shoaib,
    in your hatred for jews you didnt even bother to reply to my salaam. this is what hatred can do so pls get over it. the hadith doesnt give any proof to equate jews to dajjal. he may be a munafiq hiding between us and we wouldnt even know! moreover, dajjal will be followed by the whole world not just the jews so why single them out.
    reading hadith translations without knowing the context and arabic language can lead to dangerous derivations. pls refer this hadith to an alim before arriving at your own conclusions.
    Ramadhan Kareem.

  5. As salaamuvailikum

    I apologize for not responding you with salaam. Sometimes i tend to mis. I think it is not because of the hatred towards Jews its just simply i missed it due to subconsciousness. Moreover the moment i sent the msg i noticed that. Since the msg was sent i couldnt do anything. Brother i am not singling only the jews rather i mean to say that prophet PBUH has figured out in particular about Jews and in general all the mankind except the righteous ones. Jew community is waiting Dajjal to come as a Messiah. Hence this point urged me to write the article. There are so many instances in the Quran and Hadith where Allah SWT and Prophet PBUH has cursed that community for their various atrocities. I think there is nothing wrong in criticizing the facts.

  6. Assalamuallaikum shoib sahab
    I am bit confused about a matter you wrote in 8th line that ” before the advent of Dajjal, a system shall appear, the Dajjal system”. Could you please elaborate it a proof from hadith. Pl dont produce taqleeds in this regard.

  7. As Salaam u alaikum To One and all

    Mr Riyaz ! No one is here to spread hatred . If a person is born a muslim , he by default
    becomes generous. Its just that on this blog we are making our muslim brothers and sisters
    aware of the facts about that community. The prophet SAW himself have never said anything positive about them , but there are instances where he is displayed his generosity to towards
    that community . Also on the other hand warned his ummah of their fitnah and much more.
    As you too know there are many verses where allah SWT himself has cursed them.

    What more you want . We don’t want you to hate them , but yeah we definitely we want to
    be safe from their fitnah .

    A very small example : The Banking system (interest )…….music (trance music in rave parties
    which encourages consumption of drugs)……if you get in touch with me personally , i will give you proofs of everything bad happening in todays world is directly or indirectly handiwork of that community.

    Rave music which is one of the most happening genre of music in todays time is introduced by jews.
    All he famous Bands and artists (atleast 90 % ) of this genre of music are of jewish origin.

    Honestly speaking I have fallen prey to it a lot of times he he
    So this is just the beginning ….there is much more to come ….

    Just be careful !

    As salaam u alaikum

  8. asalamualaikum…..

    the brother riyaz who is quite sympathetic towards jews is actually quite illiterate….i have my sympathies with him…first of all clear yourself about zionism …its beliefs….free masonry and the new world order…….then decide for yourself if the jews deserve any sympathy…….may allahs curse be upon these zionists and free masons

  9. In Quran there is no mention of dajjal,but there is mentioned that an animal will come in existence that will speak like us, and the dwellers of hell will worship it..
    In Quran about yajuj and majuj(gog and magog) is told and how dhulkarnain helped a tribe to save it from the later by making iron wall…

  10. THE COLLECTION OF HADITH Was started after 800YEARS oF PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW(pbuh) death . How can anyone have the COLLECTION of conversation in same form as said,and that to, after 800 years …??? Even the previous books like towrah, injeel etc they are not in their original is said in Quran that people changes it knowingly after reading it..they are no more authentic,then what to talk of hadith which is written by the people’s only.
    Today we se people they just keep on quoting from hadith,very rare they talk of Quran..mostly people s talk of “Suni sunaiye baatein ” they don’t study!..
    Quran is the last authentic book for ever for all,its authentication is promised by Allah..we should READ QURAN it’s our duty and perform as said for our own benifit .May Allah’s peace and mercy be upon us and guidance to straight path and not the path of those who have lost true knowledge,whose intentions are perverted:they know the truth yet do not follow it,nor of those who went stray,so they wander in error and are not guided to the truth.May Allah bestow his grace upon us…and always remember we need Allah, Allah don’t need us…

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