From Numan bin Thabit to Imam ABU HANIFA

Imam Abu Hanifa is referred as “The Imam” by Abu Dawood, and as “The Imam, one of those who have reached the sky” by Ibn Hajar. He is acclaimed in the Islamic world as “The Greatest Imam” (Al-imam Al-Azam).

Imam Abu Hanifa was the pioneer in Islamic history to organize the writing of Fiqh under sub-headings embracing the whole of the Law, beginning with purity (Tahara) followed by prayer (Salah), an order which was retained by all subsequent scholars such as Malik, Shafi`i, Abu Dawood, Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, and others. All these and their followers are indebted to this great being and duly credit him a share of their reward because he was the first to open that road for them. According to the hadith of the Prophet PBUH:
“He who initiates something good in Islam has its reward and the reward of those who practice it until the Day of Judgment, without lessening in the least the reward of those who practice it. The one who initiates something bad in Islam will incur its punishment and the punishment of all those who practice it until the Day of Judgment without lessening their punishment in the least.” However, it was not only the knowledge of Imam Abu Hanifa that made him such a great man: but it was also his constant worship and Taqwa (fear of ALLAH); his endeavor to purify himself from all worldly matters; his asceticism and his forbearance at the times of difficulties. That is what made Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Al Azam.

Now, would it not be incredible to get enlightened about one of the most revered scholars in the Islamic history became to be known ABU HANIFA from his original name; Numan bin Thabit? Off course it will be a pleasure considering Abu Hanifa being an unusual name because of its meaning, ‘the father of Hanifa.’ Hanifa was Imam’s daughter. The following unveils the reasoning.

Imam Abu Hanifa once was put forth a question that, for the first time in his worth remembering career, he was unable to answer. The query seemed to be simple but wasn’t so. The question was: Why the wife is forbidden to take more than one husband? To this, Abu Haifa’s daughter claimed that she knew the answer and would be glad to reply to this question with ease but on a condition her father would promise that if she succeeded in solving this question, he would then assure her a place in history. Abu Hanifa agreed.

Hanifa formed an assembly of women and gave each of them a cup. She then brought in a large bowl of milk and asked each of them to dip their cups in the milk and to fill their cups to the brim. The women did so. She then asked them to pour back the milk into the bowl. They did this too. She then asked them to re-fill their cups taking back only their own milk that they had poured into the bowl.

This, obviously, was impossible to them to do. Hanifa had clearly demonstrated the kind of dilemma that would be posed if a woman had several husbands. If she becomes pregnant, and she had more than one husband she would find it extremely difficult in determining who the actual father is? Identifying parentage and lineage would then be insurmountable for the offspring. Imam Abu Hanifa was so pleased with the wit of his daughter that he took the name ‘Abu Hanifa’, ‘the father of Hanifa’ thereby glorifying and ensuring his daughter a place in history.


5 thoughts on “From Numan bin Thabit to Imam ABU HANIFA

  1. It will be better if u will give refrence of this story.

    It will be more better that every time u will be given refrence of write up in each post.

  2. In our continent , there are followers of Abu Haneefa and calling themselves Hanafi , I dont undrestand , why the people are making different group , also any quotation or stories should be Authentic .

  3. Assalamualaikum,
    Your articles are really very informative, but as per my studies, Imam-e-Azam had no daughter at all so please check the authintication of this story and share to upgrade our knowledge.

    “Who was our beloved prophet (pbuh)? Was he a Hanafi or a Shafi , or a Humbali or a Maliki ?
    According to Tirmidhi Hadeeth No. 171, the prophet (pbuh) is reported
    to have said, “My Ummah will be fragmented into seventy-three sects,
    and all of them will be in Hell fire except one sect.
    ” The companions asked Allah’s messenger, which group that would be. Where upon he replied, “It is the one to which I and my companions belong.”
    1.Shafi 2.Humbali 3.HUMBALI 4.MALIKI
    5. * The Hanafiyyah Jahmiyyah
    6.* The Hanafiyyah Mu’tazilah
    7.* The Hanafiyyah Murji’ah
    8.* The Hanafiyyah Shi’ah
    9. * The Hanafiyyah Zaydiyyah
    10. * The Hanafiyyah Karraamiyyah Mushabbihah
    11.* The Hanafiyyah Mareesiyyah
    12.* The Hanafiyyah Soofiyyah, or Mutasawwifah and beneath which are the four tariqahs:
    13. o The Qaadiriyyah
    14. o The Chistiyyah
    16. o The Suhrawardiyyah
    17. o The Naqshabandiyyah
    o Also amongst them are the
    18.Hulooliyyah and
    19Ittihaadiyyah, who are the extremist heretical deviants
    20.The Hanafiyyah Qubooriyyah (Grave-Worshippers), amongst which are 21.the Barelwiyyah, Kawthariyyah and some of the Deobandiyyah
    22. * The Hanafiyyah Maturidiyyah

    [150HIJRI], ABU HANIFA and this two companions Abu Yusuf Ya’qub bin Ibraaheemal-Ansaaree (d. 182H) and Muhammad bin al-Hasan ash-Shaybaanee (d.189H), and others besides them likewise Abu Ja’far at-Tahaawi (d.321H) were all upon the Salafi aqidah, and they are also from thegenerality of the Salaf of this ummah, like the other prominent
    scholars and Imaams of Ahl us-Sunnah in that time.
    Many factions of the innovators from the later Hanafis ascribed to
    these scholars that they settled upon deviant beliefs, such as the
    saying of the creation of the Qur’an, or rejection of Allah’s uluww
    and all of this is from the inventions and fabrications of the people
    of innovation against the scholars of Islaam, in order to beautify and
    spread their innovations amongst the people.

  5. You stupid sleep walkers still fighting over chicken feed rather than thinking the great fitan ahead of us the dajjal, not only dajjal, his monetary systems which include the riba based haram economy, the bogus haram paper money, the secularism, believing United Nation as the supreme authority the act of sirk , As Allah said in the Holy Quran such people are like cattle because they have ears yet they can not hear, they have eyes yet they are blind, the have heart yet they can not understand. So stupid people please do not fight in sect conflict think about the great fitan Dajjal and save the whole ummah.

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