Students and parents expectantly anticipate vacations. They provide much needed break from hectic day-to-day schedule and form vital part of our lives. Vacations might be a boon if time is efficiently managed or could be bane if left slackly. Many a time vacations fall prey to unorganised and poor planning which reaps little or no benefit at all.

The religion of ALLAH SWT paves way for individuals’ rest and relaxes. A companion of the Prophet PBUH by the name of Handhalah Ibn ‘Aamir, RA complained ALLAH’s messenger that the intensity of his imaan diminishes when he in the company of wife and children (as opposed to the time when he was in the companionship of Prophet PBUH). ALLAH’s apostle responded by saying: “A time for this and a time for that” (Bukhari & Muslim) which means an hour of worship to enhance one’s imaan, and an hour of dedicating life for family being within the tenets of Islam to enrich imaan. ‘Ali Ibn Abu Taalib, RA used to say: “Relax your hearts and find some means of entertainment for them, because they become apathetic just as bodies get fatigued.”

One of the most exasperating habits cultivated during vacation is that of staying up for night and sleeping during the day thereby skipping dawn prayers. The widespread ill practices of vacations are gluing eyes to the television sets, surfing online, frequenting social networks, gaming addiction, so on and so forth. The content available on said media is most of times contemptible and leads to immense destruction.

Children reading QURAN

On contrary, vacations provide golden chance to unwind and analyse our lives. We should contemplate whether we are being better Muslims or the other way round. Plan your holidays such that it can provide you prospect of spiritual recharge. It presents us an ideal opportunity to boost one’s deen (religion).  Parents must ensure that their children offer all the obligatory prayers in congregation which may not be possible during school. Improve and enhance recitation of holy Quran. Initiate efforts to memorize parts of glorious Quran and learn ahadith of our beloved Prophet PBUH. Employ time in studying Seerah of prophets and sahaba. Foster the habit of implementing Sunnah in every walk of our lives. Endeavour to enlight our future generation with the awareness and beauty of Islam. It is an utter disgrace for us that our children are capable of solving complex problems pertaining to math and physics but possess little or no knowledge of our Prophet and his companions. More importantly, warrant vacations to be sin free.

In most cities there are arrangements for Islamic summer camps which provide an ideal atmosphere to learn deen (religion). Parents must try and get in touch with the organisers and enrol their wards in these camps. Most of these camps provide coaching as well as edutainment to children in order to make the course lively.

Vacations can be spiritually enriching for both parents and kids provided if engaged islamically. It is an excellent occasion for us to develop our kids’ character and uplift their Imaan! Let us pray and hope that inshALLAH these holidays are source for our salvation. Aameen

The Messenger of ALLAH PBUH said:“The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.” (Sahih Bukhari)



  1. Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatahu
    I am a regular reader of your blog. This article is again very inspiring.
    I know people who would generally offer salat regularly, but seems to let it go very easily during vacations and summer trips.
    We can only pray for them. May Allah SWT guide all of us on the straight path. Ameen.

  2. Shoaib,

    Repost this blog once again. It’s vacation time for many. Could well augur to refresh their plan of action.

  3. Few Questions?
    What is the purpose of Holidays?
    Is it OK to borrow money on mortgage or loan (paying interest) and then going for holiday (in summary: if you don’t have the means to go, but the family demands a holiday, is it obligatory to go by any means possible?
    Is the investment paid on a holiday in proportion to the benefit derived from it? A typical overseas Holiday can cost anything between R300,000 to R500,000 [US$30,000-US$50,000); the money that is spent, is your net profits or your savings that you spend; how long will it take to earn that same money, NPAT (net profit after paying tax and interest)
    The money that is spent on holidays is not a Donation; it is a dead loss as if throwing away that money by enriching the Airline companies and enriching the Hotel owners even more. You arrive at the destination rich with your pockets full, but you get home poor with no money in your pocket. How much Sawaab did you gain on your Holiday (excluding Umrah or Hajj)
    In contrast, how many people will be willing to sacrifice even ONE holiday and use that money to invest in a Mosque, or to a needy person or build a house for someone or use it to but Medicines that can be used in sub-Saharan Africa or use it to buy R300,000 worth of water bottles to send to Africa or build waterholes, where people are dying from hunger, thirst and basic medical care>
    Yet, the myth is that “EVERYONE” is going on Holiday, so the husband is placed under pressure, whether he has the money or not, that he MUST take his family on 2 holidays every year: June and December and additional holidays during the year whenever possible. How he gets the money is not the families concern. Furthermore, the holidays are not used on sight seeing but only on shopping malls: eat, shop, sleep; eat, shop, sleep for 15-20 days non-stop; is that a “holiday or vacation?”
    Any thoughts?

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