Common acts of SHIRK

After dealing with the meaning of Tauheed (Tauheed: The Islamic Monotheism), its types and shirk (SHIRK: The Gravest SIN), the moderators of this blog intend to shed some light on some of the common acts that are prevalent in our societies which are nothing but Shirk.                                                            

There is a common misconception among masses that one can be free of shirk merely by avoiding the worship of statues and idols. Shirk encompasses a wide range of practices and we shall deal with them in brief.

Seeking help from other than ALLAH SWT

Help should be sought only from Allah SWT. In every rakath of our salat we proclaim that “It is You we worship and You we ask for help,” [Al-Fatihah 1:5] and later on if we seek help from other than Allah SWT, we will be falsifying this testimony. “And do not invoke besides Allah that which neither benefits you nor harms you, for if you did, then indeed you would be of the wrongdoers.”[Yunus 10:106]

Prophet PBUH clearly mentioned in one of his traditions, “If you ask, ask of Allah, if you seek help, seek help from Allah SWT.” [Tirmidhi]

Knowledge of unseen

One should register in mind that the Knowledge of the unseen rests only with Allah SWT. Having a belief that any individual be it prophet or a companion or a righteous man or any other person has the knowledge of unseen is an act of Shirk. A huge mass of people are victims of this heinous form of shirk. Allah SWT says: “And with HIM are the keys of Ghaib (all that’s hidden), none knows them but HE.”(Al-Anam 6:59)

The Prophet PBUH said: “No one has knowledge of the unseen except Allah SWT” [At-Tabrani]

Seeking help from dead

The foremost thing regarding the dead is that they do not have the capacity to hear so where does the

“Verily, you cannot make the dead to hear,” An-Naml 27:80

question of seeking help from them arise. Allah SWT clearly mentions in Quran: “But you cannot make hear those who are in the graves,” [Fatir 35:22]. In another verse the Quran says: “Verily, you cannot make the dead to hear,” [An-Naml 27:80]

Swearing oaths to any other besides Allah

Making a vow is an act of worship and directing a vow to other than Allah amounts to Shirk. Allah SWT says in glorious Quran, “And whatever you spend of expenditures or make of vows – indeed, Allah knows of it. And for the wrongdoers there are no helpers.” [Al-Baqarah 2:270]

Prophet PBUH said, “Whoever vows to obey Allah, should obey HIM and whoever vows to disobey HIM, should not disobey HIM,” [Bukhari].

Wearing a Talisman (Taweez)

Wearing talismans or any kind of threads on any part of the body is nothing but shirk. Prophet PBUH said: “Ar Ruqa (incantations) or At-Tamaim (Amulets/Taweez) and At-tiwalah (bewitchment) are all acts of Shirk,” [Ahmed and Abu Dawood] We have dealt this particular topic in detail on our blog. Please visit the Amulets: Do they make a difference and read more.

Sacrificing an animal in any name beside ALLAH SWT

Sacrificing or slaughtering an animal by any other name beside Allah SWT is Shirk. Allah SWT says in Quran, “So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone],” [Al-Kawthar 108:2]. The meet of that animal is forbidden to eat. The Messenger of Allah PBUH said, “Allah curses whoever sacrifices (or slaughters) in any name other than Allah,” [Muslim]


The practice of magic/sorcery is considered rejection of faith (Kufr), as Allah SWT said: “But the devils disbelieved, teaching men magic.” [Al-Baqarah 2:102] “They believe in Al Jibt and At Taghut,” [An-Nisa 4:51] Umar RA is reported to have said that Al Jibt is magic (sorcery) and At Taghut is Ash Shaitan.

Prophet PBUH said: “Avoid the seven grave sins; associating partners with Allah, magic…” [Muslim] Furthermore the punishment for the sorcerers or magicians is nothing but execution. Prophet PBUH said: “The punishment for the sorcerers/magicians is that he be struck with the sword (executed).” [Tirmidhi]

Soothsayers and Fortune-tellers

Prophet PBUH said: “Whoever visits a fortuneteller or a soothsayer and believes in his words, has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammed PBUH.” [Hakim Saheeh]


9 thoughts on “Common acts of SHIRK

    1. Br Abdool
      In certain specific cases, Allah (S.W.T) used to revel certain things to the Prophet before they would happen, but it was with the SPECIFIC design of Allah.Like in the case of the victory in the Battle of Badr. This does NOt mean that Prophet (S.A.W ) fad the knowledge of the unseen ( Ilm-ul-ghaib). If that were the case, he would have known about the fact that certain persons had wrongly accused Ayesha (R.A) had indulged in her character assassination.It was only after Allah revealed about the innocence of Ayesha that the Prophet came to know that they were baseless allegations.
      The knowledge of the unseen ( ilmul-ghaib) is a domain which belongs to Allah ONLY.

  1. It is hard trying to convince the masses on this topic of shirk, although deep inside they are well aware of the fact that what they are practicing is totally wrongand unacceptable but yet they blindly want to stick to their age old ancestral practice. No one wants to learn the truth and no one wants to implement the true guidance given by our beloved Prophet.

    Well, you have conveyed the message. Let’s pray Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala guides you, me and entire Muslim Ummath to the right path. Amin.

    Keep enlightening our Ummath on the facts and leave the rest to ASWT.

    1. Who do you think you are brother to judge people?
      Are you going to answer about all this on the day ot Judgement for them?
      Do you think you are more intelligent than others?

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