About us

As salaamu alaikum

Dear visitor,

The blog, Towards Enlightenment, is a determined effort of a few individuals to reach out to the internet savvy community and spread the message of Islam in the light of Quran and Hadith through the new media used extensively in contemporary times. In these times, when everyone is on the move and people have very limited free time, it becomes an immense challenge to reach out to a large section of the society and bring to their notice authentic information about Islam and that too in a manner which is comprehensive as well authentic and not too lengthy. With these constraints of the target audience in mind, we try to restrict most of our blogs to about 800-1000 words but without compromising on the sources and the quality of the information.

Alhamdulillah, the journey started in November 2009 by a couple of young, energetic and aspiring Alumni of Jamia Dar-us-salaam, Oomerabad, an eighty year old Madrasa in the state of Tamil Nadu, and has found many well wishers and admirers.

About the Team  

1. Shoaib Shaikh : An Aalim and Fazil from Jamia Dar-us-salaam. After completing his Islamic studies, Shoaib went on to pursue bachelor degrees in Journalism and Arabic literature, and then obtained Master degree in Mass Communication from St Joseph College, Bangalore.

2. Saqib Hafiz: He is a Quran Hafiz. He holds an Aalim and Fazil degree from Jamia Dar-us-salaam, a bachelor’s degree in Arabic literature from the University of Madras and another bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence from The Islamic University of Madinah. He then earned Master degree in Islamic Banking and Finance from Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha.

Apart from these two, there are a few more people who contribute significantly towards creating the blog and bringing their perspective and in helping collate the information.

May Allah SWT make this humble effort beneficial and worthwhile to all the readers and help us realize our goal of becoming better Muslims.

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13 thoughts on “About us

  1. Dear Shoaib
    Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah

    You say; Alhamdulillah an Aalim and Faazil from a reputed Islamic University whose alma mater are renowned scholars of Madinah University.
    Why are you shy not to mention the name of the University?

    1. The simple reason for not mentioning the name of the university is that many would not connect to the university. I studied at Jamia Dar-us-salaam (Oomerabad). This is almost 85 year old institution located at close to a place called Ambur in Tamil Nadu.

  2. Dear Shoaib Shaikh,
    Assalaamu alaikum.
    Please contact me at mohd.munawar@hotmail.com, I would like to discuss with you regarding compiling the articles under subject-wise in wordpress and also to host for you a separate website name running on wordpress (at our cost, if you so wish).
    I know your articles are immensely useful, simple and precise, hence we need categorization for Islamic references for our dars preparation etc. Otherwise, I consider your permission to update your articles in parallel in our website.
    Please reply.
    Mohammed Munawar
    Webadmin: Islamicstudies.info

  3. Bismillah

    Assalamu alaikum !
    First of all I appreciate you both Aalim Shoaib & Aalim Saqib and your efforts.
    It is need of the hour. Our religious doctors (Aalims) and religious teachers (Moulvis) are unaware of this Electronic media and are reluctant to use it. Islam-haters and anti-islamic forces use it to tarnish Islam with false information and baseless quotations and goes unchecked. And youngsters who are netizens (internet people) fall in their prey and start ill feeling about Islam.
    It is high time for religious people to use this Electronic media for Islamic propagation and counter Islam-hate materials.
    May Almighty Allah Shower His Blessings and give you more strength and more knowledge and patience!
    Truth always Triumph!
    – Ibn Elias Natamkar

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