Students and parents expectantly anticipate vacations. They provide much needed break from hectic day-to-day schedule and form vital part of our lives. Vacations might be a boon if time is efficiently managed or could be bane if left slackly. Many a time vacations fall prey to unorganised and poor planning which reaps little or no benefit at all.

The religion of ALLAH SWT paves way for individuals’ rest and relaxes. A companion of the Prophet PBUH by the name of Handhalah Ibn ‘Aamir, RA complained ALLAH’s messenger that the intensity of his imaan diminishes when he in the company of wife and children (as opposed to the time when he was in the companionship of Prophet PBUH). ALLAH’s apostle responded by saying: “A time for this and a time for that” (Bukhari & Muslim) which means an hour of worship to enhance one’s imaan, and an hour of dedicating life for family being within the tenets of Islam to enrich imaan. ‘Ali Ibn Abu Taalib, RA used to say: “Relax your hearts and find some means of entertainment for them, because they become apathetic just as bodies get fatigued.”

One of the most exasperating habits cultivated during vacation is that of staying up for night and sleeping during the day thereby skipping dawn prayers. The widespread ill practices of vacations are gluing eyes to the television sets, surfing online, frequenting social networks, gaming addiction, so on and so forth. The content available on said media is most of times contemptible and leads to immense destruction.

Children reading QURAN

On contrary, vacations provide golden chance to unwind and analyse our lives. We should contemplate whether we are being better Muslims or the other way round. Plan your holidays such that it can provide you prospect of spiritual recharge. It presents us an ideal opportunity to boost one’s deen (religion).  Parents must ensure that their children offer all the obligatory prayers in congregation which may not be possible during school. Improve and enhance recitation of holy Quran. Initiate efforts to memorize parts of glorious Quran and learn ahadith of our beloved Prophet PBUH. Employ time in studying Seerah of prophets and sahaba. Foster the habit of implementing Sunnah in every walk of our lives. Endeavour to enlight our future generation with the awareness and beauty of Islam. It is an utter disgrace for us that our children are capable of solving complex problems pertaining to math and physics but possess little or no knowledge of our Prophet and his companions. More importantly, warrant vacations to be sin free.

In most cities there are arrangements for Islamic summer camps which provide an ideal atmosphere to learn deen (religion). Parents must try and get in touch with the organisers and enrol their wards in these camps. Most of these camps provide coaching as well as edutainment to children in order to make the course lively.

Vacations can be spiritually enriching for both parents and kids provided if engaged islamically. It is an excellent occasion for us to develop our kids’ character and uplift their Imaan! Let us pray and hope that inshALLAH these holidays are source for our salvation. Aameen

The Messenger of ALLAH PBUH said:“The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.” (Sahih Bukhari)


Satanic Entrapments

It is an established fact that there subsists an opponent who being a devoted threat, wishes eternal torments and dedicates his entire existence to that end. That sworn enemy of mankind: Satan whom ALLAH SWT the greatest has cursed and expelled from HIS presence. Nor is he a mere myth or legend, but a real being who constantly conspires and diverges humans thereby leading them astray on road to Hell. His promise made to ALLAH SWT is compelling. Iblees (Satan) proclaimed: “By Your Might, then I will surely mislead them all, except Your chosen slaves amongst them (i.e. faithful, obedient, true believers of Islamic Monotheism). ALLAH said: “The Truth is – and the Truth I say – That I will fill Hell with you [Iblees (Satan)] and those of them (mankind) that follow you, together.” [Sad 38: 82-85].

The Iblees engages humanity into entrapment by employing his unique processes. Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah, renowned scholar of Islam, discusses Satan’s modus operandi in greater detail in one of his essays. A humble effort is attempted to simplify the same to enlight the audience.

Fundamentally Iblees strives to his best to ambush mankind within the shackles of kufr and Shirk. If this is successful, his goal of deviating mankind is accomplished. The affected being becomes a part of his army and he deploys him as his agent to mislead others.

If despaired by default, Iblees concentrates in engaging the slaves of ALLAH SWT in bidah (innovations). He loves bidah more than impiety and disobedience as the harm of bidah is in the essence of religion. The holy Prophet PBUH mentioned “Every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire.” [Sahih Muslim]. Bidah is undoubtedly a gate to kufr and shirk.

If defeated in trapping the slaves of ALLAH SWT by his two basic methods, Iblees ensures to corrupt them by involving in various forms of major sins. This is the bracket in which most of the common Muslims fall in. Heinous sins like lying, back biting, eavesdropping, deceit and usury (riba) are the common vices to which most succumb. ALLAH SWT says “Those who avoid great sins (Al Kabair) and Al-Fawahish (illegal sexual intercourse) except the small faults, – verily, your Lord is of vast forgiveness.” [Al-Najm 53:32].

When overpowered by the worshipper in spite of the above means, Iblees snares believers into minor sins. The holy Prophet advised, “Be aware of the minor sin.” These sins may destroy a person if they accumulate.

If still not able to taste success, Iblees moves on to occupy his targets in permissible acts that do not garner reward or punishment. However, the damage of this level is caused by surpassing the reward missed by being occupied with these deeds.

Finally when Iblees is flattened by all of his operations, he sways the worshippers in engaging in deeds of lesser rewards so as to keep virtue away from them and to prevent them from attaining the rewards of the preferred acts.

We may find ourselves helpless in thwarting away the treat from Satan, but ALLAH SWT the most merciful has promised protection from Satan for the slaves who are Taqwa complaint (Benefits of TAQWA ). Pray ALLAH SWT guides us to sirat-ul-mustaqheem. Aameen

Halal and Haram

ALLAH SWT the Almighty created this magnificent and immaculate universe to favour HIS crowned creation, human beings. ALLAH SWT mentions in holy Quran, “And HE has subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth – all from him. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought” [Al-Jathiyah 45:13]. By virtue of HIS wisdom ALLAH SWT has proclaimed many things comprised within this world as Halal (lawful) and few others Haram (unlawful) in order to assess our obedience towards HIM. One of the objective of this earthly live is to being constantly examined. Quran quotes, “(HE) who created death and life to test you (as to) which of you is best in deed” [Al Mulk 67:2]. Hence the one who complies with Halal and abstains from Haram in all his matters will succeed. Imam Bukhari narrated that Jundab (RA) said, “The first thing of the human body to purify is the abdomen, so he who can eat nothing but good food (Halal and lawful) should do so”.

Islamic rulings clearly emphasize on Halal and Haram, albeit there are some matters that have not been categorized as legal or illegal. What is the way out then? Narrated by An-Nu’man bin Bashir (RA):  I heard ALLAH’s Apostle PBUH saying, ‘Both legal and illegal things are evident but in between them there are doubtful (suspicious) things and most of the people have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from these suspicious things saves his religion and his honour. And whoever indulges in these suspicious things is like a shepherd who grazes (his animals) near the private pasture (hima) of someone else and at any moment he is liable to get in it. (O people!) Beware! Every king has a hima and the hima of ALLAH on the earth is HIS illegal (forbidden) things. Beware! There is a piece of flesh in the body if it becomes good (reformed) the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt and that is the heart.” (Bukhari). This hadith enlightens us to refrain from doubtful matters. It also elucidates that the one who consumes unlawful, pollutes his blood that circulates to his heart resulting the heart being rendered corrupt and ultimately the whole body is ruined. There could be times when a person may not know the lawfulness of a particular thing as mentioned in the hadith “and most of the people have no knowledge about them”. He should then seek advice from a pious scholar. ALLAH the Merciful says, “So ask the people of the message if you do not know” [Al-Anbiya’ 21:7].

We Muslims have a common tendency to be cautious about food and are casual about other matters concerning Halam and Haram. Sharia (Islamic law) has outlined rules pertaining to Halal and Haram in all religious and worldly affairs regarding food, drinks, clothes, marriage, business transactions, behaviour towards others, private issues, or issues related to public, hunting, medication, festivals, living habits and so on and so forth. In fact, one can say that Islamic rulings are mostly encompassing Halal and Haram thus making it complicated to elaborate what is lawful and what is not. Rather the following verses enlighten us …

ALLAH says, “Say, Who has forbidden the adornment of (i.e., from) ALLAH which HE has produced for HIS servants and the good (lawful) things of provision?. Say, They are for those who believe during worldly life (but) exclusively for them on the Day of resurrection. Thus do We detail the verses for a people who know. Say My Lord has only forbidden immoralities – what is apparent if them and what is concealed – and sin, and oppression without right, and that you associate with ALLAH that for which HE has not sent down authority, and that you say about ALLAH that which you do not know.” [Al A’raf 7:32-33]

Furthermore ALLAH the greatest instructs, “Say: Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. (He commands) that you not associate anything with HIM, and to parents, good treatment, and do not kill your children out of poverty; WE will provide for you and them. And do not approach immoralities – what is apparent of them and what is concealed. And do not kill the soul which ALLAH has forbidden (to be killed) except by (legal) right. This has HE instructed you that you may use reason. And do not approach the orphan’s property except in a way that is best (i.e, intending improvement) until he reaches maturity. And give full measure and weight in justice. We do not charge any soul except (with that within) its capacity. And when you speak (i.e., testify), be just, even if (it concerns) a near relative. And fulfil the covenant of ALLAH. This has HE instructed you that you may remember. And (moreover), this is my path which is straight, so follow it; and do not follow (other) ways, for you will be separated from HIS way. This has HE instructed you that you may become righteous” [Al An’am 6:151-153]

Responsibilities of a muslim concerning a NEWBORN..

“To ALLAH SWT belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; HE SWT creates what HE SWT wills. HE SWT bestows to whom HE SWT wills female [children], and HE SWT bestows to whom He SWT wills male or HE SWT creates them [both] males and females, and HE SWT renders whom HE SWT wills barren. Indeed, HE SWT is all Knowing and Competent.” [Ash-Shura 42:50]. Surely, children are gifts from ALLAH SWT. Prophet Zechariah had no son until he wept and cried to ALLAH SWT for one. ALLAH SWT says, “And [mention] Zechariah, when he called to his Lord, “My Lord, do not leave me alone [with no heir], while you are the best of inheritors.” So WE responded to him, and WE gave to him Yahyaa and amended for him his wife. “[Al-Anbiya 21:89,90]. ALLAH SWT the Glorious granted him a son from a barren wife.

ALLAH SWT says while mentioning the traits of HIS noble slaves, “And those who say, “Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes” [Al-Furqan: 25:74]. It therefore becomes imperative to fulfill some duties which ALLAH SWT has levied upon an individual whom HE SWT has granted an offspring.

1. Aqeeqah (slaughtering): Aqeeqah is a term used for an animal, to be slaughtered for the sake of a new-born baby whether male or female. It is a Sunnah Moakkadah (a Sunnah that has been emphasized upon) according to the majority of scholars. Prophet PBUH said, “Aqeeqah is to be offered for a (newly born) boy, so slaughter (an animal) for him, and relieve him of his suffering.” (Bukhari). Prophet PBUH offered Aqeeqah of his grandsons Hassan and Hussain (may ALLAH SWT be pleased with them). It is important to note that Aqeeqah should be offered on the seventh day as he PBUH said, “Every child is dependent on his Aqeeqah. It should be slaughtered for him on the seventh day, his hair shaved and he should be given a name” (Saheeh Abu Dawud, Tirmizi, Nasai). In case of delay, it should be offered as soon as possible for him. The Aqeeqah of a boy is with two sheep and a girl with one. Prophet PBUH said, “It is two sheep for a boy and one for a girl.” (Saheeh Abu Dawud, Ahmed, Nasai)

Note: If a person’s parents have not offered his Aqeeqah, he can himself offer his own Aqeeqah

2. Naming the newborn: The newborn should be conferred an appropriate name on his/her seventh day of birth according to Sunnah. The prophet PBUH renamed inept and unislamic names. The best of names are Abdullah and AbdurRahman. Ibn Umar RA said that the Prophet PBUH said, “The best of your names in the sight of ALLAH SWT are Abdullah and AbdurRahman” (Muslim). Names other than these are also permitted under the condition that they should not be attributing shirk or mean ill. One such example is the name, Abdul Munaf or Munaf. During the times of Prophet PBUH, Munaf was the name of an idol hence Abdul Munaf would mean the slave of the Idol Munaf.

Note: Prefix of “Abd” should only be labelled to the 99 known names or Sifaat of ALLAH SWT, rest all would be termed as Shirk.

3. Shaving the head of the newborn: The head of the newborn male or female should be shaved on the seventh day of birth after the Aqeeqah. This shorn hair should be weighed and an equal amount of silver (equal to the weight of the shorn hair) should be given away as charity. Ali RA said to Fatimah RA, “O Fatimah, shave his (her son Hassan’s) head and give silver equal to the weight of his hair as charity” (Hasan Tirmizi)

4. Tahneek: It is a practice to chew a date (a portion of it) and make the newborn to taste it until a bit of it enters his stomach. Narrated Abu Musa RA: “A son was born to me and I took him to the Prophet who named him Ibrahim, did Tahneek for him with a date, invoked ALLAH SWT to bless him and returned him to me.” (Bukhari)

5. Pronouncing Azan (Call to prayer): An Azan should be said in the right ear of the child. According to Abu Raavi’s hadith, he says, “I saw the Prophet PBUH giving azan, as that of prayer, in the ear of Hasan bin Ali when Fatimah RA delivered him” (Hasan Tirmizi)

Kindly be aware that the Sunnah regarding Aqeeqah, confering a name and shaving the head are to be observed on the seventh day of the child’s birth, whereas tahneek and azan are to be discharged soon after the birth. It is therefore the prime responsibility of parents to bring up the child in an Islamic environment so that the offsprings are better Muslims inshALLAH.

Hajj: Journey towards salvation

The holy pilgrimage of Hajj is fifth pillar of Islam. Let’s get enlightened about this obligation. Hajj was made obligatory in 9th Hijri (Islamic lunar calendar). Islamic terminology defines Hajj as a specific journey to the holy city of Makkah on the prescribed days of Zil-Hajj (Islamic month).

“learn rituals from me.” Prophet Muhammed PBUH

Hajj is a compulsion on a believer when one meets the two criterions of physical health, to perform the challenging obligation and sufficient wealth to accomplish the journey. The Quran says, “Hajj to the House is a duty that mankind owes to ALLAH for those who can afford the journey.” [Al Imran 2:97]

While explaining the above mentioned verse of Quran, Prophet PBUH said, “Whoever can afford this journey to the sacred House, by provision and transportation and he does not make the pilgrimage, there is no blame if he dies as a Jew or a Christian. This is because Allah SWT says, “Hajj to the House is a duty that mankind owes to ALLAH for those who can afford the journey.” [Al Imran 2:97]

All Scholars and Islamic Jurists are in agreement that, one who denies the importance of Hajj will be deemed out of the folds of Islam. The severity of opinion of the second Caliph of Islam, Omar bin Al-Khattab, about those Muslims who abstain from performing their Hajj as early as possible, could be gauged by one of his suggestions: he proposed to one of his cabinet members that Jizya (tax imposed on non-muslim for their welfare in an Islamic State) shall be levied on those who refrain to fulfil this Islamic obligation (Hajj) without any genuine rationale.                                                                                            

A number of traditions of Prophet of Islam PBUH speak about the virtues of Hajj. Once, the Messenger of Allah PBUH was asked: What is the best deed? He stated “Belief in Allah and His Messenger PBUH.” He was then asked: What next? He said “Jihad in the way of Allah.” He was again asked: ‘What next? He replied: “The Hajj which is preformed correctly and accepted by Allah.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

He PBUH also said: “One Umrah until the next Umrah is an expiation for what is between them. And the Hajj that is accepted by ALLAH and performed properly has no reward other than Paradise.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

Furthermore, for women in Islam, Hajj is their Jihad. When the Messenger of Allah PBUH was asked, whether a woman is required to take part in Jihad or not? He replied: “Yes, upon them is Jihad which does not contain fighting: Hajj and Umrah.” [Sahih by Shaikh Al-Albanee in Irwa al-Ghaleel fi-Takhreej Ahadeeth Manar al-Sabeel]

Also, Ibn Umar (RA) reported the Prophet PBUH saying: “The one who fights for the sake of ALLAH and the pilgrim who goes for Hajj or Umrah are all guests of Allah. HE called them and they responded; they ask of HIM and HE will give them.” [Termed Hasan by Shaikh Al-Albanee in Silsilat al-Ahaadeeth as-Saheehah]

It is universal fact that believer cannot sustain without the mercy and help from Allah SWT. Hence to be successful it is crucial to establish and strengthen our relationship with our Sustainer Allah SWT. Man is a servant of Allah and he ought to live like one. This relation is best established while performing Hajj. When one analyzes the rituals of hajj, every step will make us feel we are nothing more than the dust. Pride is crushed paving way for hidayah (guidance).                                                                                               

One, who desires to strengthen ones relationship with Allah, should be willing and prepared for any kind of sacrifice for its creator. The holy Quran explains this concept in a very unique manner. “Say! My life, my Prayer and my Death everything is for the sake of Allah.” This is the most important thing that every pilgrim realizes “I am for Allah and I must be ready to sacrifice everything for Him.”

The second aspect which every pilgrim learns is that Hajj must be performed according to Sunnah of Prophet. Prophet said“learn rituals from me.” Thereby it inculcates a habit to adopt Sunnah in all walks of life. Subhanallah

Let me conclude by quoting a hadith of the holy Prophet PBUH: “Hurry to perform Hajj (the obligatory one), as none of you knows what may happen to him.” [(Saheeh) by Shaikh al-Albanee]

Who are exempted from fasting?

Alhamdulillah ALLAH SWT has made it easy for His slaves and has only enjoined fasting upon those who are able, and has excused those who are unable to fast for a sound reason. The reasons for which one may be excused from fasting are as follows:

The ill and sick
Ibn Qudaamah said: the scholars are agreed that it is permissible for the sick person not to fast in general. The basis of that is the ayah in which ALLAH says “but if any of you is ill or on a journey, the same number (should be made up) from other days”[Al-Baqarah 2:184]
If a sick person fears fasting may increase the severity of sickness or slow down recovery is exempted from fasting. It is Sunnah for one to abstain from fasting until he is alright. ALLAH SWT has allowed a sick person to refrain from fasting as a mercy from Him, and a convenience to the sick. But if a healthy person fears difficulty or tiredness, it is not permissible for him to break his fast, if all that happens to him when he fasts is that he becomes tired.

The basis for this exemption also depends on the above mentioned verse of the holy Quran. Anas (may ALLAH be pleased with him) said: “I travelled along with Prophet PBUH during Ramadan, and the fasting person would not criticize the one not fasting, nor the one not fasting criticize the fasting person.”[Sahih Bukhari]
If fasting on a journey produces hardship for the believer then it is not righteous to fast rather it is better and more beloved to ALLAH SWT that he breaks the fast. Prophet PBUH said “It is not righteousness that you fast on a journey.” [Sahih Bukhari]
The ease which has been granted to the traveller is applicable till the Day of Judgment irrespective of how comfortable the journey is, nowadays. The person who criticizes the one who leaves the fast while on journey is in fact criticizing the allowance given by ALLAH SWT himself.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding women
Anas Ibn Maalik al-Ka’bi (may ALLAH be pleased with him), said that the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon him) said: “ALLAH has relieved the traveller of fasting and half of prayer, and He has relieved the pregnant and breastfeeding woman of fasting.”
If such a woman fear for her or her child’s health and life, then she can leave the fast and for every missed fast, she should feed one poor person and she is not required to compensate for the missed fasts by fasting later on. Once Ibn Umar’s wife asked him about this, so he replied “You leave the fast, and for every day of missed fast, feed one poor person and there is no recompense due on you.” [Daarulqutnee]

Senility and old age

Senility and old age refers to one who is old and has lost his strength, or who is approaching death, so that every day he becomes weaker, until he dies, or who is suffering from a terminal or incurable illness and has no hope of recovery. The evidence that it is prescribed for such people not to fast is the following ayah (interpretation of the meaning):
“And as for those who can fast with difficulty, (e.g. an old man), they have (a choice either to fast or) to feed a miskeen (poor person) for every day”[Al-Baqarah 2:184] and said “It is the old man who is unable to fast, so he refrains from fasting and instead feeds a poor person with half a Saa (a measure which is equal to 2 Kilo and 40grams) of wheat.”[Sahih Bukhari]
Anas Ibn Malik RA became too weak one particular year, so he prepared a large dish of Thareed (a broth of crumbled meat and bread) and invited thirty poor people who came and ate to their fill.

Menstruating and post natal bleeding women
Menstruating women and women having post-natal (after delivery) bleeding are not allowed to fast and it is obligatory to compensate by making up for the days later on [Muslim]

The above mentioned allowances are given by ALLAH SWT to his slaves in certain circumstances and hence it is advised to utilise appropriately. Prophet PBUH said “indeed ALLAH SWT loves to give allowances, as HE loves to give HIS obligations” [Ibn Hibban]

Jews = Dajjal?

Before commencing this write-up I was in a state of confusion. The recent bombardment of flotilla loaded with humanitarian aid by the Isreali soldiers, that which was headed to Palestine (land of Prophets) left us shocked and aggrieved. Indeed inhuman and ruthless. The incident should not surprise us as Jews are know for this kind of terrorism. This very fact inspired me to throw some light on the dark history of Jews, filled with treachery and deciet. Flipping through pages of various books, study materials, browsing through various websites it is manifested that Dajjal (the dark Messiah) will be of Jewish origin.

Dajjal will emerge from a place between Syria and Iraq, his emergance will be known when he is in Isfahaan at a place called Judea (Yahudea). Before the advent of Dajjal, a system shall appear, the Dajjal system. This system shall promote immoral and indecent practices like homosexuality, adultery, fornication, fitnah of pen (Pornography, explicit writings etc), increased alcohol consumption. The Dajjal system will be the most evil and most corrupt system in the history ever. In a Hadith narrated by Imran ibn Hussain RA, the Prophet PBUH said, ‘Since the birth of Adam till the advent of (Judgement Day) there is no fitnah (tribulation) much greater than that of Dajjal’.

Now the fact that all the practices of Dajjal system are evident let us dig deeper to unearth more information about Dajjal (Anti-Christ). According to the traditions of Prophet PBUH Ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates from the Last Prophet PBUH regarding Dajjal’s physical appearance, ‘…red complexioned, fat, curly haired man, blind in the right eye which looks like a bulging grape.’(Sahih Bukhari). On another ocassion Prophet said ‘Dajjal will be blind in the right eye. He will have thick hair on his body and he will also have Paradise and Hell with him. Though his Paradise will appear as Jannah (heaven), in reality it will be Hell, and likewise, though his Hell will appear like Jahannnam (hell), in reality it will be Paradise.’ (Sahih Muslim). He would try to mislead people to his worship. The controverts will be thrown into his hell and harmonisers shall enter his paradise. He will posses supernatural powers in him. He will travel by a gigantic mule at a lightning speed. He will be empowered to cause drought and famine upon those who disapprove. Furthermore he will have divine ability to cause frequent earthquakes.

According to the many Ahaadith describing Dajjal, the most distinguishing feature of his face besides the bulging eye will be the Arabic letters Kaaf (k), Faa (f), Raa (r), on his forehead. These letters spell Kufr (disbelief). All believers, regardless of their literacy will decipher these letters.

Dajjal would try to convince people that he is their God. He would not leave even a single stone unturned in deviating people from right path. He would do so by killing a person and then re-creating the same again. These actions would be more than sufficient to incite people to deviate from mainstream.

The Jew community will ascertain Dajjal as their ‘Messiah’. Hence they are anxiously awaiting for his emergence. Scriptures mention that most of the Jews would follow him. Women are a soft target for him. We infer that Jews will never cease to inflict atrocities (specially upon Muslims) since their very essence is based on the falsehood and their future is associated with Dajjal. Narrated by Anas Ibn Malik (RadiAllahuanhu) ALLAH’s apostle PBUH said, The Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls. [Sahih Muslim #7034].

Although our prophet had explicitly outlined Dajjal’s characterisistics, he was not certain that his ummah had understood completely. Why wouldnt he be afraid as the Fitnah or the trial that is so grave that one cannot imagine it. Narrated by Ubadah Ibn as-Samit (radiAllahu anhu) that The Prophet PBUH said, “I have told you so much about the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) that I am afraid you may not understand. The Anti-Christ is short, hen-toed, woolly-haired, one-eyed, an eye-sightless, and neither protruding nor deep-seated. If you are confused about him, know that your Lord is not one-eyed.” [Sunan of Abu-Dawud #4306]