Benefits of TAQWA

Elaborating on TAQWA: The Fear of ALLAH , I wish to enlighten dear audience about the blessings the most merciful ALLAH has granted for devoted slaves for being Taqwa compliant. ALLAH SWT enjoins the mankind to submit to HIM so as to safeguard our own selves from HIS wrath. Indeed, securing from HIS rage and earning HIS gratificaton is adequate for us as a reward of Taqwa, but it does not cease here. There are more glad tidings from ALLAH the Almighty for fearing HIM. Remuneration of Taqwa in our lives is immense hereafter and not less compensating here. Casting light on few ….                                                                                                                                                                                  

Easeness of matters

Things get trouble-free and affairs are simplified for the one who fears ALLAH SWT. ALLAH SWT mentions, “And whoever fears ALLAH – HE will make for him of his matter ease” [At-Talaq: 65:4]. HE further pronounces, “As for he who gives and fears ALLAH and believes in the best [reward], WE will ease him toward ease,” [Al Lail, 92:5-7].

Blessings from the heaven and the earth

Blessings of both the worlds are enclosed within Taqwa. ALLAH SWT proclaims, “And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared ALLAH, WE would have opened (bestowed) upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth…” [Al Aaraf, 7:96]

Help from ALLAH during distress and grieves

Help from the source you least expect. That is the wonder of Taqwa! ALLAH promises, “And whoever fears ALLAH – HE will make for him a way out. And will provide for him (his needs) from where he does not expect,” [At-Talaq, 65: 2,3].

Good news in both the worlds

Showers of blessings. ALLAH mentions, “Those who believed and were fearing ALLAH. For them are the good tidings in the worldly life and in the hereafter,” [Yunus 10:63,64]. Ubadah RA asked Prophet PBUH the meaning of the mentioned verse. He was replied, “It (good news) is the good dream which a muslim sees or is shown to him,” [Ibn Majah: Hadith 3898].

Protection from the enemies

Feel protected with Taqwa. ALLAH SWT says, “And indeed, the wrong-doers are allies of one another; but ALLAH is the protector of those who fear ALLAH,”[Al Jathiyah 45:19]. In another verse HE pronounces, “And if you are patient and fear ALLAH, their plot will not harm you at all,” [Al Imran, 3:120].

Rectification of deeds

Taqwa betters your actions. ALLAH SWT the glorified says, “O you who believe, fear ALLAH and speak words of appropriate justice. HE Will (then) amend for you your deeds and forgive you your sins,” [Al Azhab 33:70,71].

Obtaining ALLAH’s mercy

Gain most merciful ALLAH’s mercy through Taqwa. HE mentions, “My mercy encompasses all things. So I will decree it (especially) for those who fear ME…” [Al Aaraf, 7:156].

Protection from ALLAH’s punishment

Resurrected are the ones who fear ALLAH SWT. ALLAH SWT warns that the hell fire will be exposed to all on the day of Judgement and none will be saved from that but HE promises, “Then WE will save those who feared ALLAH and leave the wrong-doers within it, on their knees” [Maryam 19:72]

The path to paradise

Undoubtedly greatest reward for the good deeds is paradise. ALLAH SWT has reiterated that paradise will be especially for God-fearing persons. HE says, “And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden (i.e., paradise) as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for those who fear,” [Al Imran, 3:133]. HE mentions, “That is paradise, which WE give as inheritance to those of Our servants who were fearing of ALLAH,” [Maryam 19:63]

Forementioned are some of the many benefits affirmed in the holy Quran. May ALLAH help us to fear HIM every moment of our lives, in the daylight and in the darkness, in open and in secret, in our blessings and during the times of trails and tribulations; perhaps to gain HIS forgiveness. ALLAH SWT proclaims that, “HE is worthy of fear and adequate of granting forgiveness” [Al Muddathir 74:56]


TAQWA: The Fear of ALLAH

ALLAH SWT has decreed in Holy Quran: “Every Soul will taste Death” [Al Imran 3:185] and accordingly the Creator has specified a time when HIS creation will cease to exist. Death is as certain for all as life. Even an atheist will concur that death is a universal truth. Post death, on the day of resurrection (Qiyamah), all of us will assemble and our Book of Deeds will be revealed. None will be spared from presenting the Account of Deeds. Wise is the one who reflects on this and is better prepared in advance for the ultimate examination. What could be the best thing a person can possess to present to ALLAH?

Fear of ALLAH SWT is the best thing what a servant (of ALLAH) can take as a provision for the goodness of his Deen (way of life). ALLAH SWT states, “And take provisions, but indeed, the best provision is fear (of ALLAH)” [Baqarah 2: 197]. No good deed is acceptable except that which is a result of Taqwa. ALLAH says: “But righteousness is (in) one who fears (ALLAH)” [Baqarah 2:189].

Let us understand the meaning of Taqwa. Taqwa essentially is to protect self from punishment of ALLAH by obeying HIS orders and by abstaining from what HE has prohibited. It was reported that Umar bin Khattab asked Ubay Ibn Ka’b about Taqwa. In reply Ka’b queried Umar (RA), ” O Leader of the believers, what do you do when you have to pass through a thorny road? Umar (RA) replied, “I lift my cloth up to my calves and watch my footsteps and take each step slowly from the fear of thorns lest they don’t prick me”. Ka’b said, “This is Taqwa”.

ALLAH SWT says, “O you who have believed, fear ALLAH as HE should be feared and do not die except as Muslim (in submission to HIM) [Al Imran 3:102]. He who fears ALLAH SWT and acts according to HIS instructions will be secured from HIS punishment. ALLAH SWT says: “And fear ALLAH and know that ALLAH is severe in penalty” [Baqarah 2:196]. He who is safe from the torment of that day (Qiyamah) will notice that his days on earth were nothing compared to what he is rewarded. ALLAH says: “And the hereafter is better for one who fears (ALLAH)” [Nisa 4:77].

Some of the factors that lead to Taqwa are:

Obedience to ALLAH’s diktat and abstinent from what HE SWT prohibits;
Submission to the Will of ALLAH and to the decree HE SWT has set;
Love of ALLAH SWT and HIS Messenger PBUH;
Striving in the way of ALLAH and HIS Messenger.

We observe that the affection towards this worldly and materialistic life has corrupted our heart to renounce Islam and its beautiful teachings. We have become slaves of this perishing life to such an extent that we consider the rich and those who have gained this world and its splendours or luxuries to be the most successful. Woe on us!! Whereas ALLAH says, “Indeed the most noble of you in the sight of ALLAH is he who has the most consciousness and fear (of ALLAH)”. [Al-Hujraat 49:13].

Abu Zar RA narrates that the Prophet SAW said to him, “Fear ALLAH wherever or however you are, and make a good deed subsequent to a bad deed; so that the good wipes away the bad, and treat people with the best of characters” [Tirmizi]. Our beloved Prophet SAW always advised his companions to fear ALLAH in all their matters. He once said, “Fear (ALLAH) in your worldly matters and fear HIM regarding your wives” [Ibn Majah]. In another hadith, Abu Ummah RA narrates that he heard the Prophet SAW saying in a speech during his Hajj, “Fear ALLAH, and pray your five prayers, fast your month, and pay the zakat of your money, and obey those who are in authority among you so that you will enter your Lord’s Paradise.” [Tirmizi].

The ill morale and character of the present society has deprived us the fear of ALLAH. Satan has showcased evil deeds in such an attractive package that the evils are being glorified and not considered harm. The condition of Muslim society can be improved only by retaining and refreshing Taqwa in our lives, i.e. by fearing ALLAH SWT and acting on HIS orders. May ALLAH guide us to HIS fear and reward us better than what we deserve and may HE love us in return of our fear for HIM. Aameen. ALLAH mentions, “whoever fulfils his commitment and fears (ALLAH) – then indeed, ALLAH loves those who fear (HIM)” [Al-Imran 3:76].